Manage Your Practice Well 

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Finally, there’s a commonsense practice management book that gives dentists practical information on managing their practices efficiently and profitably! Dianne’s expertise comes from her business education and many years of experience in the dental field. The book is easy and delightful to read and is guaranteed to provide solutions for many of dentistry’s hot button issues.

Manage Your Practice Well

Chapter titles include:

  • Staffing and Employee Management
  • Staff Meetings and YOU
  • Employee Termination
  • The New Patient – the Most Fragile Relationship
  • Financial Management – Overhead Control and Salaries
  • Financial Policy and Office Systems
  • Hygiene Department
  • Prevention vs. Prosecution – Mitigating Liability
  • Crisis, Transition, Leadership, and Avoiding Burnout

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“This book should be required reading before dental students are allowed to graduate -- it may be the most important one they read in order to be both happy and prosperous from the start of their careers. Dianne Glasscoe Watterson is the “Ann Landers of Dentistry” with her monthly advice column in RDH and Dental Economics magazines for the past 13 years. With the same high content, and her tell-it-like-it-should-be-told Southern charm of a prolific writer, Dianne’s book, Manage Your Practice Well, is a MUST for every practicing dentist and team member.” Linda Miles, CSP, CMC

“Dianne brings to the table a wealth of insight from both clinical and business aspects of practice. I could not put this book down because the information is fresh and to the point. Dianne covers the subjects that are important to all of us. She covers the common Human Resources problems in her chapter on Staffing and Employee Management. Have you ever wondered why your staff meetings are a waste of time? There are great solutions here. My worst day in the practice was always the day I had to find an employee a new home. Dianne shows you how to stop the procrastination and get the job done. I have always felt that the most important time spent in my practice was building and maintaining the relationships with my patients. It took me a long time to learn to delegate this to the team. This book gives some great information on the Most Fragile Relationships. Dianne covers the Financial Management of the practice by showing the importance of overhead control, salaries, financial policies and the often forgotten Office Systems. The key to a productive practice is the often overlooked Hygiene Department. Often this department operates at a loss. Find out how to correct this. Dianne includes a chapter on Mitigating Liability which is excellent – this is worth the price of the book. The book ends with a fascinating chapter on Crisis, Transition, Leadership, and Avoiding Burnout. The book is easy and delightful to read and is guaranteed to provide solutions for many of dentistry’s hot button issues. Every practicing dentist and every dental student will benefit from this book. This will be the best $24.95 you spend this year, so order your copy today! ” Joe Blaes, DDS, editor Dental Economics

“This unique book delivers the rare combination of highly useful information based on actual experience and down-to-earth warmth that makes reading it a pleasure. Moreover, it provides tools and encouragement for dental professionals to become their best both personally and professionally.” Ted Anibal, editor

Recipient of the International Hermes Platinum Award, the Communicator's Gold 2011 Award, and most recently Apex 2011 Grand Award.

International Hermes Platinum AwardCommunicator's Gold award - 2011Apex 2011 Grand Award


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