Manage Your Practice Well

New Practitioners

(Half Day, Dentists, Spouses, Office Administrators)

Business success for the new practitioner is dependent on making good business choices and getting started right. This course examines many aspects of dental business for the new practitioner, including buying an established practice vs. starting a new practice, staffing considerations, overhead control, and effective marketing.


Course Objectives – Attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the profit margin difference between an established practice vs. a start-up.
  • Understand the importance of overhead control.
  • Identify key practice health indicators.
  • Compare building ownership vs. leasing.
  • Identify roadblocks to profitability.
  • Determine how many staff members are needed.
  • Practice appropriate staff utilization.
  • Know when to hire a hygienist.
  • Understand which types of marketing will bring the best results.

Course Topics

  • Buying an Established Practice vs. Starting a Practice – Expenses and Profit Over Time
  • Practice Profit Comparison as it Relates to Overhead
  • Buying or Leasing Your Space
  • Roadblocks to Profitability
  • Being Properly Staffed
  • Smart Marketing


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