Manage Your Practice Well

(Full Day, Dentists, Office Administrators)

Course Objectives and Topics– Attendees should be able to:

Learn how to hire and retain excellent staff members.

  • Finding the right people
  • Newspaper ads that work
  • Checking references
  • Smart interviewing tips
  • Creating the right environment
  • What staff members want

Understand how to develop a policies manual.

  • Why you need a policies manual
  • What should be included in your manual
  • Developing your customized manual

Conduct productive staff meetings.

  • Why you should conduct staff meetings
  • Staff meeting basics
  • Items covered in staff meetings by department
  • The problem-solving method
  • Barriers to productive staff meetings

Learn the proper protocol for employee termination.

  • When to terminate
  • The “at-will” doctrine and exceptions
  • Termination protocol

Understand practice overhead benchmarks.

  • The importance of overhead control – a comparison of practices
  • Overhead benchmarks for 7 key categories
  • Staff compensation and bonus systems
  • Impact of managed care on profitability

Understand the importance of a written financial policy.

  • Talking about financial matters with patients
  • The “infection control” analogy
  • Traits of an acceptable financial policy
  • Insurance claims management

The front desk – the nerve center of the practice

  • Division of duties at the business desk
  • Telephone tips to improve patient communications
  • Strategies for controlling the schedule and reducing disappointments
  • Tips for dealing with chronic offenders

Operate a profitable hygiene department.

  • How to help your hygienist increase production
  • How to implement assisted hygiene
  • Sabotaging the assisted model

Learn how to be the leader in the practice.

  • How to create mission and vision statements
  • What leadership is NOT
  • What leadership is
  • 25 truths every doctor should know


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