Manage Your Practice Well

Staffing, Staff Meetings, and Employee Manuals

(Half Day, Dentists, Office Administrators)

One of the most challenging aspects of practice management for many clinicians is staff management. Given the high cost of staff turnover, it behooves every business owner to hire and retain high quality employees for practice success. This course provides the tools needed to find qualified candidates, conduct a high quality interview, and provide a work environment conducive to staff nurturing and growth.


Course Objectives – Attendees should be able to:

  • Write an effective ad that attracts the kind of person desired.
  • Conduct a high quality interview.
  • Develop an effective policies and procedures manual.
  • Understand what motivates staff members.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to staff growth and happiness.
  • Measure employee job performance.
  • Discover the necessary elements of a high quality staff meeting.
  • Learn how to conduct an exit interview.
  • Understand legal parameters of employment termination.

Course Topics

  • Where to Find Prospective Employees
  • Newspaper Ads that Work
  • Employment Tests
  • The Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Checking References
  • Smart Interviewing
  • Creating the Right Environment
  • Ways to Keep Employees Motivated
  • Embezzlers and How to Protect Your Practice
  • Reasons Why Staff Members Leave
  • Compensation for Long Term Staff Members
  • The Ten Commandments of Firing
  • The Exit Interview
  • Leadership Style and its Effect on Staff Members
  • Developing a Sound Financial Policy
  • Managing Third Party Reimbursement
  • Understanding Key Overhead Benchmarks
  • Schedule Control – Reducing Downtime
  • Managing a Successful Hygiene Department
  • The Assisted Hygiene Model


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