Prevention vs. Prosecution

Patient Care Issues in Dentistry

(Half Day, Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants)

The practice of dentistry and dental hygiene involves adhering to strict standards of care. This course examines the best methods for producing desirable results to avoid injury. Clinical standards are reflected in various case histories.

Course Objectives

  • To increase knowledge about occurrences in the dental office that can result in injury to patients
  • To learn the latest information about the top ten causes of liability
  • To increase awareness of the importance of a thorough charting protocol
  • To study the role of the patient in decision-making
  • To implement informed consent protocol in treatment planning

Course Topics

  • Clinical competence for doctors and hygienists
  • The top ten patient care issues for doctors and hygienists
  • Charting defensively - tips on chart notes
  • Various case histories of actual liability cases against doctors and hygienists
  • The importance of open communication between clinician and patient
  • Informed consent and informed refusal
  • How to handle patient refusal of recommended care


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