Dianne worked with me for over 7 years, and my retaining her only ended because I retired. Dianne was just what this dentist needed - someone who really knows how a dental office should and should not work.  She gave it to me straight, and I listened. As a result, my production increased substantially and we created a better environment for me, the staff, and the patients. Dianne comes to the table with so much experience from working with all kinds of dental offices. The staff trusts her because she has been a DA, a receptionist, and a hygienist. Dianne [and this is really important] has always been very accessible to me. She usually answers the phone when I call. If not, I always hear from her that day.  Great to have someone to talk to about staff issues, finances, etc., who understands confidentiality. Nobody should try to run a business  as complex as a dental office on their own. I highly recommend Dianne Glasscoe Watterson to provide the help and information you need.-James L. Menius, DDS

“Dianne was exactly what we needed for our dental practice. She came in and worked with the front desk staff, hygienist, assistants and doctors. Dianne introduced us to fabulous strategies and systems that allowed us to work productively and efficiently. Our whole team benefited from her knowledge.” —Robyn & Joel Schwartz

"There is a unique breed of dental consultant that does not measure success by the number of clients they counsel or the number of filled seats in a seminar. They count themselves successful only when the practice they are working with has measurably grown, both financially and emotionally. Dianne Glasscoe Watterson doesn't bring pom-poms. She brings success. What really sets her apart from the crowded consultant field, however, can't be measured or adequately extolled. Simply put, she cares." —Kent Smith, DDS

"Dianne has great communication skills and patient management techniques!" —Hal Davis, DDS

"Dianne offered solutions based on her wide experiences, showed us what we were doing correctly, and also the need to implement change. She showed us how to monitor the effect of that change for one year through two separate visits to our office. Every single measurable result improved almost immediately, we had a cohesive group of employees again and came to realize what I once knew and had forgotten - that our practice is an extraordinarily good practice by any standards and certainly worth the rehabilitation. We're having fun once again and making a difference to our patients in a way that I once could only dream about a year ago. Thank you, Dianne." —Richard C. Burmaster, DMD

"A day with Dianne is a tremendous shot in the arm for those who feel burned out." —Linda Miles, CEO

Testimonials of Dianne's Book

This book is for any dental hygienist who has a question about practice. Chances are, you will find an answer here. Dianne hones in on the critical issues within each question and then offers logical, practical, and straightforward advice. She addresses personal, interpersonal, and legal topics with candor and clarity. Dianne does not shy away from talking about the elephant in the room. She tells it like it is, but with warmth and compassion. —Toni S. Adams, RDH, MA,  specialist in communication issues in healthcare

Dianne Glasscoe Watterson is a friend to the entire dental profession. Her articles are words of calm during the storms of our careers. She reaches out to us to advise and encourage us to proceed full-speed ahead with confidence. The insights that she provides makes us better professionals, more compassionate at what we do on a daily basis. She makes us realize that, yes, being a dental professional is not easy, yet plentiful solutions are available as we make our decisions. —From Mark Hartley, Editor RDH magazine

Testimonials on Seminars

"My friend and I agree that your presentation, "The Consummate Dental Hygienist" in Seattle was the best continuing education seminar we've ever attended. Between us, we have over 50 years of dental hygiene experience so I think this is a great compliment to you!

“The information you presented was not only cutting edge but also "every day" useful. The handout you prepared was extensive, easy to read, and professional. Your presentation style was relaxed, pleasant, humble, and your accent was easy to listen to and so attractive.

“I came away from the seminar energized and ready to re-think why I'm a hygienist and how I can relate to my patients in a more approachable, caring sort of way. You are right that our patients (and our co-workers and jobs) are blessings!

“You are truly an inspiration to all hygienists and I'm grateful that you've chosen to share your wonderful gifts with us!

I'll go out of my way to hear you speak again and I'll make sure that my friends know what a valuable seminar you offer! " —Cathy Maunu, RDH

"This was the best seminar I have ever been to. I could really relate!" —Thera Sheffield, RDH

"Dianne's presentation to our graduating class was exactly what they needed to hear! It was very educational and motivational!” —Judy Starratt, RDH, BS Senior Clinical Director

"Your presentation to our senior dental class was excellent and gave the students a great amount of information they will need when they enter the private sector after dental school. We sincerely hope you can return next year and present again..." —James C. Eagle, Jr. DDS, Director of Comprehensive Dentistry, UNC School of Dentistry

"Good practical information. I'm very glad that I did not miss this class!" —Carol Thompson, DDS

"I've attended several of Dianne's lectures, and I've gotten so much out of them. Dianne is a super speaker and always well-prepared. Dianne Glasscoe Watterson for President!" — Amber Layton, RDH

"Subject matter was timely and of interest. Excellent course!" —K. Ballard, DDS

"Dianne Glasscoe Watterson is truly an engaging speaker. Using wit, humor, and parody, she captures the audience from start to finish. She is always discussing relevant topics with honest suggestions to bring straight home into our daily practice lives. " —Sheri Doniger, DDS (Editor, Woman Dentist Journal)

Wow - Dianne is just a terrific, dynamic, down-to-earth realist, entertaining, knowledgable, and a great, great speaker.  She has heart!  Nancy Anne Sachs, RDH


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