Dental Practice Management

What are the reasons to have a professional practice management consultation?

  1. You desire to take your practice to a new level of patient service and practice profitability.
  2. You need someone who can separate symptoms from the real problems.
  3. You need an objective opinion to address staffing concerns and issues.
  4. You need professional training/coaching for your staff.
  5. You are considering making some major practice changes, such as adding an associate.
  6. Your accounts receivable and/or overhead is too high.
  7. You want less stress.
  8. You know that the best always want to be better.

If you agree with any or all of the above statements, we are ready to assist you in meeting those challenges.

Watterson Speaking/Consulting offers both two and three day in-office consultations. By having an on-site evaluation, a custom-tailored practice enhancement program can be developed for your dental practice. After the initial evaluation, we assist you with implementation of programs designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and profit.

  • Evaluation of twenty or more areas of your practice.
  • Confidential interviews with doctors and staff members.
  • Confidential patient surveys.
  • In-depth, written report of consultant's findings and recommendations.
  • Monthly monitoring of sixteen key practice indicators.
  • Ongoing support for doctor and staff by email and telephone.
  • Coaching and instructing to office staff in areas of efficiency, scheduling, and collections.
  • Follow-up visit
  • Proprietary forms and support documents as needed
  • Development of a policies and procedures manual

Telephone consulting is available by appointment at a fee of $250/hour with a one-hour minimum.


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